About Us

The Oromocto Boxing Club

... has been training competitive boxers since the late 70s when it was opened by Joe Foley, Jerry Vanestone, and TBC. Pictured in the middle, Jerry had a record of 103-5, was 1956 Canadian Champ and the Commonwealth Bantamweight Champion.

Those gentlemen closed the gym in 1985 until it was reopened in 2003 by Aubrey MacLeod (pictured next to Jerry), Dave Marcottulio, and James Dowe. They incorporated in 2009 and the club has seen much success under several different coaches over the years.

On occasion, pro boxers such as 16-0-1 (2015) Brandon "L-Jack" Brewer train at the club. Now it's your turn to contribute to the club's rich history.

Jerry Vanestone, Aubrey MacLeod, and pro boxer Brandon L-Jack Brewer training and visiting at OBC

We're Non-Profit

The club is run by volunteers. All money raised from club fees, merchandise, and fundraising goes towards our competitor's needs and club equipment purchases.

Our club is small but it works. We have heavy bags, Muay Tai bags, punching dummies, speed bags, wall bags, double end bags and assorted equipment to help you learn how to box, train to compete, spar, and improve your level of fitness!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to recruit, train, and develop elite level amateur boxers. Everything we do is in support of that goal.

Our Vision

In achieving our mission, we will promote the sport of boxing to bring new people into the club on a regular basis. We will give each member the individual attention they deserve to become a part of the OBC team. We will train and mentor each to help them achieve their boxing and fitness goals. As a non-profit organization, all money raised will go to helping our competitors reach the pinnacle of boxing success.