Recreational Boxing Classes


Class Details

Who can attend recreational boxing classes?

Anyone interested in learning how to box without getting hit. We use boxing training to help you get lean and improve strength, power, endurance, and health. If you want a boxer's body without getting punched in the face - these classes are for you.

The only requirement is that you show up ready to listen and work hard.

When are the classes?

Check the schedule.

What does it cost?

Your costs include:

  • $5 drop-in fee, or monthly membership ($45)
  • Rec member registration ($40) - Fill out this form and bring it with you. Pay the fee online or bring the money to class.
  • Hand wraps ($10)

We supply all the other equipment - although you can buy your own as well. You can purchase any/all of this from our online store.

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What to Expect at a Recreational Boxing Class